LOTF '09 Photobook

Ever so arty... Clichés? Yes please.
Six-foot crops loike them there ones in thaat M. Night Shyamalan filum. Beautiful 'til trampled by runts.
The culprit for the collapse of the Strange House. Not everyone hated on it- see Gloves and Draw Japan for former glories.
Rockstars require gym memberships these days. Those guns could certainly snap a Donny Tourette chicken leg or two.
Dougy Mandagi in all his wife-beating glory.
Rations: 1L Skittles & Vodka, Gaymers x12, 1.5L Pinotage Rose, Miscellaneous festival Brandy, 0.75L Powerade & Waitrose Vodka.
We planned to swim until the weather turned sour and the stench of decaying rubber and pond gunk wafted through the forest. Maybe next year...
Canterbury: the true sights behind the postcard façade.
Joshua can't get enough of that nicotine all those kerrazy doctors bang on about these days...
Well murky.
Kinda like the last one but, well, crapper. Faris salutes a Rugby schoolmate. It had been a while.
Oh, another one. Guess my favourite Horror...
It's Joseph but being the drummer and not having a digital camera and whatnot, photos were unfeasible.
And that's all on The Horrors front.