Stamp Your Post With Penny Blacks, Rule Britannia Ain't Coming Back

In a never-ending quest for ceaseless procrastination in between the mild debauchery of weekly festivals, it seems vaguely appropriate to compile some sort of hideously clichéd sounds of the summer thus far collection. In no particular order. Obviously.

1. Golden Silvers- True Romance (True No. 9 Blues)
Lyrical perfection from Gwilym Gold and his spangled heroes of the rejuvenated disco generation.

2. Baddies- Battleships
Frantic borderline insanity from suited and booted Southend upstarts. With added barking.

3. Jack Peñate- So Near
So near yet so far to the most beautiful butterfly to emerge from a cocoon stained with one too many plaid shirts. Highpoint from shock return effort Everything Is New.

4. The Chapman Family- A Million Dollars
Chaotic visceral venom spurted viciously out over seven minutes from Dots & Dashes' fave Northern axe grinders.

5. Jarvis Cocker w/ Shlomo- Fat Children
Baffling vocal capacities of Simon Khan transform yet another tired old book from Jarvis' solo library into a scruffy gem.

6. Wave Machines- Punk Spirit
Heartfelt defeat from defiant Scouse psych-poppers.

7. LITE- Human Gift
Arthritis-inducing drum patters nailed into 2000 Volt energised guitar stabs. Battles turning Japanese.

8. Plugs- Imaginary Friend
Understated dancefloor destroyer from DIOY,Y? main man Morgan.

9. Manic Street Preachers- Peeled Apples (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
Brutal drum'n'bass reworking of Journal For Plague Lovers sneering opener.

10. The Temper Trap- Soldier On
Bleary-eyed vulnerable side to Australian reverb fanatics and stars-in-waiting for 2009.

11. The Thermals- I Called Out Your Name
Yet another wonky pop-punk nugget from Portland's power trio.

12. Brian Eno- By This River
Beautiful balladry from the once glammed-up Roxy Music Moog maestro.

13. Jeff Wayne- The Artilleryman and The Fighting Machine
Naff as New Years dated space-pop from the charming Godfather of the concept record.

14. Esser- Work It Out
Dreamy fuzzed up scuzz from impeccably coiffured off-kilter popster.

15. The XX- Crystalised
Super soundtrack to late nights, early mornings and sleep deprivation.

16. British Sea Power- Remember Me
Engrained on the blueprint for quintessential British eccentric indie, unforgettable.

17. Mr. Hudson- There Will Be Tears
And following Mr. West's protégé's dedication to MJ at last month's Glastonbury a fair few were shed...

18. VV Brown- Shark in the Water
Pristine Motown gleam from the blogger's generation's Diana Ross. Possibly...

And a spectacular acoustic take from the back of a black cab:

A new-found obsession.