Back With The Day Job.

In between banging on about how great Public Enemy once were, screaming across the Glastonbury hospitality area informing Friendly Fires of how "dark" he felt their set was and being force-fed the latest in indie drivel by his hoards of minions like an inflated cash-cow pinata with a ridiculously slamming-head-on-table level of annoyance, Radio 1's prodigal token New Zealander Zane Lowe does, very occasionally, hit the nail on the head. Hottest record in the world right now, quite probably. Following on from Simon Neil's rip-roaring rollercoaster extravaganza with Sucioperro's JP Reid for twisted pop fetishists Marmaduke Duke, Biffy Clyro look set to return triumphant with the follow-up to crashing come-back track That Golden Rule, The Captain. In a rather more shouty format, the track's been kicking about in the Ayrshire doldrums for years under the guise of Help Me Become Captain although with added brass and a sprinkling of tinkling keys, it's a far cry from the primal screamo shock it once was. The Captain is taken from the forthcoming album Only Revolutions, set to be unveiled on November 9th.

Biffy Clyro- The Captain (a rip of a rip of a radio rip that sounds like fireworks are going off in the background. Apologies for absolutely dire quality but at least it may last a little longer...! Optimism, eh? Link Removed)