Lång levande Sverige

Scandinavian music's great. Sweden in particular. If you haven't dived headlong into Hemstad yet, your life's incomplete. 3 years ago I chucked Paypal funds in their direction to be greeted with a jiffy bag brimming with glitter and wondrously harmonious joy. Please don't compare them to Los Campesinos! Ever since, I've been meaning to redeem my coupons for Swedish obsession by actually getting over there but I never got round to cashing them in. So, in the meantime, making do with the musical fruits of their labour is the kasabian to the oasis. If that makes an ounce of sense...

My latest discovery flopped into my inbox recently in the rotund, lumberjack form of The Sweet Serenades. As sweet as Violet Crumble bars dripping with morning dew, superlative record Balcony Cigarettes comes across all Shout Out Louds with heart-shaped steel balls, equipped with bleeding fingers. Yes! This week I slowly fell in love all over again with Sweden.

Hemstad- Patrick Sjôberg
The Sweet Serenades- On My Way