On the Horizon: Irresistible Folk Predictability, Stornoway.

There's no disguising the Proclaimers bellows and misplaced squelching sci-fi synths of Oxford clean-cut chaps Stornoway's I Saw You Blink are utterly ridiculous, and in many ways quite hideous. Lyrics about longing for blue eyes and vocal harmonies that ram into the back of each other like the Gallaghers bashing bumper cars up the M1, this categorically should never work. And initially, their faded inoffensive bluesy watercolour folk doesn't wash. Polled by the BBC as one of fifteen acts predicted to dictate the year that is and will be 2010, Stornoway aesthetically serve to precisely portray the commercialised flogging of indie to teens that Topman has exploited gruesomely of late and musically they're no less bland. Yet, amidst a torrent of abuse and slander on this very page, the denouement of the chorus amongst the bleak monotony of I Saw You Blink transforms everything. I'm almost ashamed to say it, but the choral refrain of "Are you the one, I've been waiting for?" rectifies all their many misdemeanours. Almost. They're quite probably doomed to a similarly suffocating drowning as Team Waterpolo but that chorus ought stick about in your mind, if not the charts for a fair old while.
   Stornoway – I Saw You Blink  by  Sunday Best