On the Horizon: Lethargic Drooling From Yet Another Dazzling Duo

Were I to feign even a vague interest in the works of the late Ian Curtis' Joy Division, hypothetically I'd be just as hypocritical as Topshop flogging dead corpses through the medium of crumby clich├ęd t-shirts to Diana Vickers fans. I saw New Order a couple of times. They were always crap. Bernard Sumner's now supporting the Pet Shop Boys. In the back of my mind, I can't quite help blaming the influential mark of the Greater Mancunians for the introverted faux-insouciance and dispassion cast bleakly over East London, Offset Festival and all its entailed fashionista tomfoolery.

However. Occasionally, their minimalist electro rulings outweigh the sum of the parts and Transmission's absolutely timeless. And The Cure may never have plunged so deeply into the mires of such delectable darkness, had Curtis not writhed about like a headless rake for a bit a couple of decades ago. Dazzle Ships may desire never to be labeled beside Joy Division. And on most levels, they evoke a far more downtrodden sense of disaffection. Hailing from the west coast of the US, the pair comprised of boyfriend and girlfriend Tyler Haran and Hatii De Leon (Americana alert) largely dispel the congruous conception of Williamsburg as the home of all things wild and wacky across the pond, trading in Tears For Fears euphoria and an apathetic panache not all that dissimilar from A Place To Bury Strangers. Least Resistance is as unforgivably unforgettable as Jade Goody and sounds somewhere between the refracted prisms of The Horrors' Primary Colours and Best Coast's nonchalant indifference, along with whom they're giving the Big Apple a run for their self-obsessed dosh. Maybe they'll come and play here some day soon.

Dazzle Ships - Least Resistance by Hypetrak