On the Horizon: Stupid Nonchalance Courtesy of Sleigh Bells.

Sleigh Bells are Derek E. Miller and Alexis Krauss. They're yet another noise pop duo from Brooklyn, and a crap one at that. Normally, there's not much point in slagging off the latest in over-hyped abysmal noise-core nonsense, as it tends to vanish in a time scale that barely outruns their shoddy sub-three minute abrasives but here's an exception. Miller used to pay his way as the guitarist for heinously overrated post-hardcore pretenders Poison The Well, whilst Krauss sang in RubyBlue, a dire excuse for a girl-group that nobody really knew and even fewer gave a toss about. You'd have thought such a mismatch would never work. And it doesn't; more Nathan Barley than SXSW treasure, their ridiculously sub-standard Logic beats border on the embarrassing and must be enough to make Le Tigre long to lock away their spandex until this hideousness recoils away back into the dustbin of Williamsburg rejects. Below, an interview with perhaps America's greatest sycophant since Bill Clinton, that should never have been released from the ABC studios. He believes the hype and that's reason enough for you not to. Come on Pitchfork, there's already so much wool over our eyes we're starting to become allergic.

   Sleigh Bells : Ring Ring by SUPMAG