On the Horizon: Wind them UP, Watch them Spin, The Wind-Up Birds

A bit like a Northern take on Art Brut but obviously far less shit, Leodensians The Wind-Up Birds whirl through the sedated scourge that is their hometown's music scene. Bizarrely, as The Night Soil bursts into effervescent action with a recklessly bruising Manics bass line thoughts scurry back to the jaunty DIY wiry guitars of Peel-approved punksters I, Ludicrous and their heinously neglected snarly sneer at the pretense that's pegged back the Brit capital for decades. Pertaining to a somewhat ramshackle ethic, similar to Teeside truants The Chapman Family and sounding somewhere along the lines of The Wedding Present reeling from backhanded backstreet ADHD pills, they're quite something. I wholeheartedly subscribe to their ethos which, appearing in its abridged format here on Dots & Dashes goes a little something like this:

Do you swear just to feel alive? This is The Wind-Up Birds
Does the art world leave you cold? This is The Wind-Up Birds
Does money just slip through your hands? This is The Wind-Up Birds
Do you find it hard to return faulty goods? This is The Wind-Up Birds
Do you take the stairs? This is The Wind-Up Birds
Do you secretly plan your revenge? This is The Wind-Up Birds

The Wind-Up Birds release double A-side single Tyre Fire/ There Won't Always Be an England through Mark Sturdy's Sturdy Records on 19th April and more info can be acquired over at the band's Myspace page.