On the Horizon: Lupine Loveliness with Wolf Gang.

Back to Back is the latest slab of utterly shuddering marvelous from Wolf Gang. Not so much of a troupe as their somewhat feral name tends to hint at, these four wondrous minutes that take in the chilling guitars of The xx, the eerily seducing falsetto of Jeff Buckley and the clicking drums of Talking Heads comes from the funk-stained braincells of 22-year-old Max McElligott. Something of a revolutionary dandy, he turned down the daily grind of post-London School of Economics nine-to-five, instead opting for champagne flutes and masquerade balls. And now he's dabbling in chilling, expansive minimalist pop. In fact, Back to Back is chockablock with euphoric disappointment, a resentment for the oft loveless flings that fill London nights and empty hearts simultaneously. Glorious. And not a howling She Wolf in sight.

   Wolf Gang - Back to Back by dragonflyenergydrinks

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