¡Viva la revolución minimalista!

For far too many months have Calvin Harris and Daniel Bedingfield represented the creamiest crops when it comes down to bedroom mavericks of the electronic persuasion. Especially in this day and age, where dubstep troupes turn their attentions to dark and dirty electro-pop whilst gracing the cover of the NME... That said, it's not all forward-thinking, with Bow's leading lad getting up and out of "da corner" and turning all Ibiza lout on us. Thank Joy Orbison in that case for the torchbearers of the minimalist electro revolution we're currently experiencing out of bedsits the length of Blighty.

Up first, needless to say, you'll have heard of the Capital's fave hazy VHS enthusiast Derwin Panda, aka Gold Panda. Splicing together an Oriental obsession, muffled summertime synths and blasts of looped samples as refreshing as beer garden boozing he's been selling out vinyl discs for a fair old while now. The You EP has just been unleashed digitally, with the title track nodding vehemently in the direction of Bollywood euphoria. The ideal accompaniment to a dusky voyage across the Indian outback. Probably.

   You by Gold Panda

Gold Panda's Myspace.

Contained on the digital copy of Gold Panda's latest release are two mind-mangling remixes, courtesy of two youthful upstarts, trading in a similar strand of minimal, slightly dank electro. On the one hand, fellow Londoner Seams, known informally as Mr. James Welch, melds together late nights and early mornings in a subdued dawn of experimentation and enlightening spectrum of influences from NIN, to Boards of Canada, TV On The Radio and, somewhat more predictably, Four Tet. Were you to string out the monologue from Mylo's Air-y Sunworshipper, or dwell extensively on the existentialist musings that form an integral thread that weaves together M83's Saturdays = Youth, you'd get a vague, blurred image of what Nightcycles sounds like. Glitch is a whole other kettle of fish, as DJ Shadow nervy drum twitches spew out over gargling synth lines. This sort of minimalism never sounded so huge...

   RootMusic BandPage by seams

Seams' Myspace.

And finally on the Scotch hand, up and beyond the grim of Northern England resides Glasgow's Dam Mantle. Pertaining to dubstep tendencies and frequencies more willingly than aforementioned contemporaries, Tom Marshallsay wallows in an introverted mire of claustrophobic reverberations that trip up on themselves like Ratatat avoiding mouse traps. That said, Rebong could get Florence wailing, Movement sounds akin to completed computer games and Theatre could soundtrack the most twisted of weddings, the sort you'd hold at Bristol's grimiest of psytrance haunts, maybe.
     Dam Mantle - Rebong by thisisfakediy

Dam Mantle's Myspace.

Conveniently, they're all on the verge of packing up and setting off together around the fair isle of Britain for a slew of revered dates. It's a tour that's almost as implausible impeccable as finding shiny Pokémon cards in your neighbour's recycling bin.

The trio play:

13th April: The Harley, Sheffield
14th April: Stereo, Glasgow
15th April: Hoult's Yard, Newcastle
16th April: Spanky Van Dykes, Nottingham
17th April: Start The Bus, Bristol.

Oh to be in England.