Magical Music Roundabout: Crashing Against Cascading Walls of Glitch, Joseph Scott.

Caribou's latest long player, Swim, is one of the most subversively brilliant of the year thus far. Tracks Jamelia, Lalibela and of course Odessa are amongst Snaith's best ever. Which is more than can be said for Sun, a dreary, quivering wreck of a take on a genre with which its creator evidently isn't all to familiar, or capable. The Blossom and Surrender mix of the track however cascades quite effervescently, like a twinkling waterfall lolloping into crystalline streams below before a cacophonous wall of kaleidoscopic glitches and synth howls hit your ear drums for six. Autotune experimentation with slightly more triumphant results than those ascertained by a certain Mr. West, monkey yelps and a choir all feature on four rowdy minutes that's as alluringly devious as a teething Venus flytrap. Conversing with the perp of Sun's interpretation, Joseph Scott informed me of Ringo Starr's distaste for tomatoes, despite never having eaten one. Please do at least try Blossom & Surrender rehashes now. You'll never know unless you take the plunge, etc.

   Caribou - Sun (Blossom and Surrender remix) by everythingisblooming

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