Magical Music Roundabout: Let's Jitterbug Jive With Sky Larkin All Over Again.

LS6, Headlingley. The outskirts of the monochrome bleakness of murky tower blocks and redbrick strongholds that is Leeds. Sky Larkin however, with all their glistening spunky guitar stabs are something of a kaleidoscopic anomaly, as their spiky vitriol bumbles into you like a snowball hurtling down the roof tiles of Leeds Cathedral. Kaleide is all firmed up to be the trio's next LP and they're giving away the title track here. It's a swathing shimmer that skips atop the seas of lo-fi punk ethics, Holy Bible era Manics guitar modulations and saccharine sweet croons. And that's not quite it, as downloading this, their latest material, comes with the jolty demo of new cut Spooktacular and an acoustic take on the standout slab from debut long player The Golden Spike, Matador. Enough talking. Go trade your email address in for the newest freebies. Go, go, go.


Sky Larkin's Myspace.