Magical Music Roundabout: Ring the Bells, Chuck the Confetti! 1,2,3.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania doesn't sound the most awe-inspiring of Yank towns. It's got Pitts in the name à la "it's the _____" and a quick Google image investigation portrays an ostentatiously obscene golden bridge the same shade as a Caramac bar and a few budding shoots of typically American urbanity. Not all that much to write home about, were said manifestations of industrialisation immortalised on a postcard. That is until you chuck 1,2,3 down your headphones... Consisting of power duo Nic Snyder on bratty snarls, guitars and keys, and Josh Sickels gently thudding his drum kit into a false state of security and harmony, with the band initially bunking off the day job as half of The Takeover UK to emigrate to the studio, 1,2,3 are as search engine baffling as they are naîvely enchanting. Confetti draws optimism from the most nihilistic of pessimisms ("Even though we're all gonna die here" slurred ad infinitum throughout), and comes across a little like The Gay Blades drifting on a broken dinghy into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle to be greeted by Wayne Coyne bobbing about like a buoy in his human hamster ball. Making No Age sound as though they've been produced by Dave Eringa, no matter how many hours you've spent crunching out distortion in your garage, Confetti'd shroud it out in a flurry of kaleidoscopic ticker tape. Maybe not quite the Confetti you're after on your wedding day, the track's exuberance is (probably) what your iPod hopes to get hitched with.

DOWNLOAD: 1,2,3, Confetti.

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