On the Horizon: Pulling a U-ey, Renée Fleming.

What with The Knife's electro revolutionising and rejuvenating of the stereotypically musty genre that is Opera, it's now the turn of buxom American soprano Renée Fleming to give the likes of Death Cab For Cutie and Band Of Horses the wailing once-over. Tackling Leonard Cohen's covered-to-within-a-millimetre-of-its-fragile-demeanour Hallelujah and Tears For Fears' Mad World, well that's one thing. Going at The Mars Volta's With Twilight As My Guide, and sticking indie post-its on the band's Cedric Bixler's notepad letting him know of proposed lyric changes, is quite another. Were she to strut about with a lute and a little green hat, she'd practically be a remade, remodeled lil' indie pixie. A take on the typically operatic Muse's Endlessly glistens with a super-producer sheen, and tones down the Bellamy bravado factor, Fleming's voice assuming a rather androgynous tone, caught between Pavarotti and Paloma Faith. Sort of... Well, if that doesn't compute to a single ounce of sense, Endlessly streams below.

   Renee Fleming - Endlessly by Renee Fleming

Renée Fleming's Myspace. Never thought I'd be writing that name within a Myspace link...