Magical Music Roundabout: Love to Hate, M.I.A.

Misquoted and fuming to the point of neuronal meltdown, Haters is M.I.A. ripping the New York Times' Lynn Hirschberg a new orifice to bury her head in. Omitted from the tracklisting to upcoming third long player proper, / \ / \ / \ Y / \ (scheduled for release 13th July), seems it's probably best to stick on Maya Arulpragasam's favoured side... Hirschberg's branded a "racist", "sinner" and "thick as shit". Gosh. Fortunately it's nigh on impossible to berate Haters, a post-dubstep slump that nods over to The xx and Skream & Benga in equal measure, all the while sampling Various Productions' Hater.

   M.I.A. - Haters by brilliantlydifferent