On the Horizon: Blay's Back.

Poor old Cocknbullkid- pedantically dodging punctuation like the bubonic whilst piecing together intricately soulful pop out of Hackney bedrooms as a veritable hoard of essentially vapid female crooners paved gold paths to chart supremacy, chasing pavements all the while. Both Clean Apart and I'm Not Sorry, had they arrived a year or four earlier could have slotted in quite beneficially amidst All Saints' waning pop culture relevance, boasting an insatiable sensibility for quirky hooks that sounded as quintessential to London existence as Stuart Cable was to Stereophonics' credibility. Now she's back with an eponymous track that hinges on Alice In Wonderland lyrics-gone-East End, Motown plods and staccato strings that tie its harmonious brilliance together in a lukewarm bundle of pure pop reinvention on the level of Prince ditching the unintelligible symbol. Quite alright then, really...

   Cocknbullkid by threeminutesthirtyseconds

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