On the Horizon: Leeds Gets Grizzly, Bear Driver.

For all the kerfuffle kicked up like one of those leaf blowers in a dust bowl over the Leeds music scene, besides Sky Larkin and, well, Soft Cell, there's nothing much to write home about on the reverse of a Millennium Square postcard... That said, the ebbing and flowing of off-kilter acoustica that emanates from the city's latest really-bloody-decent band Bear Driver doesn't have a lot in common with the Victoria Quarter and high street (b)landfill. Their first single Wolves clambers into the harsh light of day amidst the salivating, bloodthirsty jaws of critic the length of England on 5th July. It sounds a little like Los Campesinos! had they ever outgrown their teething phase and grown saber-toothed fangs that shred your melodrama receptors like flawed love letters contemplated over and over and over ad infinitum on the last train home. B Side Long Lost Giants rolls about disconcertingly like the disconcerting affection provoked by a stalker's lullaby, peeping through the floorboards of the Cutty Sark's decks as it rolls pacifically along the coasts of Indonesia. Impatience is a virtue. Surpress it, and here's a rough'n'ready piece of pure melancholy to tide you over...

Bear Driver // A Thousand Samurais by Stayloose

Bear Driver's Myspace.