Casiotone Apocalypse: Drum Eyes, Gira Gira.

If you value your ears as much as most of us should yet inevitably don't, Gira Gira is probably a record to veer as well away from as Sonisphere. If on the other hand you enjoy having your inner ear tubes and shoots battered about like a gleaming Wimbledon tennis ball, Drum Eyes, featuring DJ Scotch Egg, a couple of drum kits (two eyes, two sets of drums, duh) and enough Japan-via-Brighton noisecore to make Rolo Tomassi quake are almost worth prepping the hearing aids for. Whilst Gira Gira signifies 'bling bling' in the quartet's mother tongue, there's little here to get the diamonds glinting in Rihanna's eyes as she stumbles on the cobbled Lanes in bang-bang shoes, as apocalyptic drone metal distortion shrouds out clouds of synth on Future Yakuza, circa 10 minutes of wailing mayhem you feel relieved to have a beating heart at the end of. Future Police squelches about like Pacman over a sodden Glastonbury weekend, as menacing Casio tones recall perilous traveling fairgrounds, rusty cogs and Quake III. So 80s computer game glitchcore then... Gyanza sees Drum Eyes tap into the oriental sampling wizardry of a certain wild and untamed Japan enthusiast, Gold Panda, whilst Hana B, were it any more downbeat would be in need of mouth-to-mouth emergency resuscitation, as post-dubstep meets Celestica. 13 Magicians sees the troupe return to hedonistic head-shattering mêlée as the sounds of airplane rotors slice air raid sirens, making The Big Pink sound all fluffy, drab and altogether pathetic, and album opener and potential daydream histrionic crossover anthem 50 - 50 is a devastating, throbbing tumour of hypnotic benevolence that makes you want to forsake worldly possessions and scarper up the nearest tree for all eternity. Before a psych drum-destroying wig-out puts paid to any such nonsense. Spin Gira Gira in your car stereo and you'll achieve a Saturn-like radius of approximately 24 metres, even in the dingiest depths of Radford. Then just hope and pray your hearing only comes out at best in tatters, as at worst you risk entire ruin.