Festival Frolics: Lounge On The Farm in 150 Words.

Dogged by licensing pitfalls preventing adequate alcohol consumption and curtailing Jack Barnett's hooded death staring just three unsettlingly orchestral songs in, this year's Lounge On The Farm deposited a taste tinged with soured cider at the back of the subconscious, despite the Sheep Dip once again dying beaming grins on the faces of those stumbling upon the likes of Dam Mantle, Summer Camp and Gold Panda in the shade of a glorious Wichita/ Moshi Moshi conglomeration. Short and sweet, at ten words each, Dots & Dashes experienced:

Dam Mantle: Rebong invokes utopian sensations as cargo shorts flail beneath Macbooks.

DJ Yoda: Galactic tracks from the scratchmaster general. Gratuitous lasers shred shadows.

Erland & the Carnival: Haunting Ferris wheel folk, Simon Tong cowers in the spotlight.

Frankie & the Heartstrings: Fidgety North Eastern indie likely to tug at your patience.
Gold Panda: Palette cleanser akin to wasabi, spiced with beguiling oriental samples.

Lissy Trullie: Trullie emanates anemic androgyny at least a decade expired. EAT.

Lulu & the Lampshades: Equal parts terrifying and triumphant as paper cups replace pretense.

Martha Reeves & the Vandellas: Lonesome and a tad lethargic tonight, Billy Mack still MIA.
Spectrals: Lyrically vapid Arctic Monkeys Mk.II cover Real Estate. Quite ineptly.

Summer Camp: Disco sheen stomping from shy sweethearts drenched in faded nostalgia.

These New Puritans: Utterly unnerving, until licenses run flat. Await impending bassoon obsessions.

TV Personalities: Deranged slurs courtesy of alt. pied piper Dan Treacy. Antagonistic.

Veronica Falls: Ramshackle set to snare drum, minimal talent stretches decidedly extraordinarily.

The Wave Pictures: Jonny "Huddersfield" Helm frisks the drums, disgusted with sausage shortage.

Wolf Gang: Sultry soul sass from Max McElligott, glowing cube only aesthetic.