Magical Music Roundabout: British Pop Reverberates Once Again as Klaxons' Echoes Bounce.

A handful of weeks back Flashover emerged as Klaxons' first furrow into our current decade, a typically scatty moonbeam mongrel of lofty lyrics and marauding bass-powered chanting. Good but not great, Echoes has been bouncing about on t'internet for a day or so, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Almost exactly a year ago the quartet scrambled into The Park, Glastonbury as 'Special guests', guests inactive for months upon YEARS. Echoes, a flurried falsetto-driven 90s pop powerhouse is quite possibly their most memorable slab of futurism (with at least one limb lagging behind in days gone by) to date. And thankfully it'd be entirely unfeasible for NME to dub them nu rave ever again. Maybe. Taken from sophomore long player, Surfing The Void, the one with the astronaut feline on the cover released 23rd August.

   Klaxons - Echoes by Hypetrak