On the Horizon: Serve and Volley/Bassline Folly, Tennis.

Still slightly confused as to quite what the fuck chillwave really is but if it refers to marrow-chilling lo-fi haunting courtesy of cutesy vocals, ramshackle drums and Real Estate reverb, Tennis define the latest fabricated genre du jour. Their first release proper in any way shape or form, Baltimore, is stupendously otherworldly whilst pertaining to our humblest of earthly pleasures. They've got dates lined up in Oxford and Durham, although unfortunately they're transatlantic shows, they've just taken our names. Which is a shame, really. Despite being yet another boy/girl twee as the glaring otter in The Knife's Tomorrow In A Year, you can't really knock Patrick and Alaina, having personified Edward Lear's The Owl and the Pussycat by buying (what might have been 'a beautiful pea green') boat, sailing the seas and getting married at the end of it all.

Baltimore is to be released through Underwater Peoples Records imminently.

   Tennis - Baltimore by Nialler9

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