On the Horizon: XFM Ditch the Tents, Wellies, Baby Wipes and Warm Strongbow.

Whilst many a reveler wades through swampy mires in remote fields the length of the Blight, this year sees the inaugural BestNonFest, London's leading alt. radio station XFM's answer to a summer fueled by lukewarm pints sipped from £2 deposit cups and soggy sliced bread as necks turn to the colour of a roast ham joint. Effectively a virtual queuing system, those with more dedication to contemporary indie than the Gallaghers pledge seasonally to Manchester City impatiently await entry into intimate London shows from the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Klaxons, Foals, Biffy Clyro, MGMT, Darwin Deez and Mumford & Sons. A truly sterling line up, from the 'best festival never to have existed.' Yet there's a twist in the snaking tail end of the queue, as upon correctly answering daily questions a spot of puerile queue-jumping takes place. Get it wrong enough times and you work your way to the back, right where you begin. A little like Monopoly really... The person who winds up at the forefront of the queue obviously wins the whole shooting match, an almost endless stream of essential evenings.

So... to enter, head to the XFM Facebook page, and click on BestNonFest. Cross fingers. Enjoy the XFM A List live in London.