Surfer Blood Torn Limb from Limb.

You're making a mixtape for a make-or-break DJ set down in the grotty C.A.M.P. basement. Do you a) insert tried'n'tested R'n'B irony by the CD-R load, b) go holier-than-thou and litter your set with the gloomy glumness of the likes of Factory Floor, Sunn O))), Polvo etc. ad infinitum, or c) inject a hint of knowing uncertainty, dropping mangled mixes left, right and centre that triggers infuriating inability to nail butterflies to backing boards? After all, East London's in greater need of dancing shoes than glaring out from the darkened hues of basement corners concurrently... Brooklynite George Lewis Junior, aka Twin Shadow revitalises the effervescent Floating Vibes, Floridians Surfer Blood's signature song of sorts, splicing together the aural equivalent of an intensive, all-encompassing lobotomy, plugging neuronal chords into varying sockets whilst ripping every last strand of anatomy and gluing it back together in a rollicking rampage, harnessed by percussive clattering, vocoders and more added layers entangled amongst quintessentially East Coast lyricisms than a sellotape ball lovingly constructed during a dragging CocoRosie show. Believe the second coming, stream/download in the here and now.

   Surfer Blood- Floating Vibes (Twin Shadow Remix) by BEAT

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