On the Horizon: Fluttering Skywards, Niki & The Dove.

As half the internet impatiently awaits the last musical offspring from Sweden's most instrumentally fertile, Fever Ray, compatriots Niki & The Dove are worthy of more than a minute of your time. Mysterious, eerie and ethereal, Niki & The Dove recall the murky synth swathes of The Knife's seminal Silent Shout long player, tweaking the Dreijer Anderssons' musical pessimism with rejoicing triumph. Theatrical, operatic and devastatingly engaging, their bleak soundscapes are equally as expansive as desolate Stockholm suburbs. Sign up to their mailing list here for a free download of the underpass funk slump of Winterheart, and stream the most euphoric Swedish recording since I'm From Barcelona fell off the radar detector, DJ, Ease My Mind (out 30th August), below.

   Niki And The Dove: Dj Ease My Mind by brilliantlydifferent

Niki & The Dove's Myspace.