On the Horizon: Further Dosage of Brooklyn Wonk Pop, Restless People.

Like a jittery Friendly Fires on cowbell withdrawal, a credible Passion Pit, a souped-up take on The Field with a New York City swagger, Restless People emerge amidst a synth snowstorm, air-horns last blasted over JLS. Signed to iamsound Records, the Brooklyn quartet comprised of Michael Bell-Smith, Jesse Cohen, Eric Emm and Tony Blankets release their eponymous debut LP on 20th September, preceded by the transcendentally tropical Days Of Our Lives, nigh on four minutes forty times more riveting than any four seconds taken from its schmaltzy soap namesake. Backed by a more subduedly splendid, typically melodramatic Primary 1 remix, mysteriously entitled the Karaoke Joe version (streamed/potentially downloaded below, via Soundcloud). Few acts exude such rhythmic optimism, optimism to inspire both days and perhaps more quintessentially, nights of our lives as Restless People may well go on to do rather imminently...

DOWNLOAD: Restless People, Days Of Our Lives.

   Restless People - Days Of Our Lives (Karaoke Joe Version) by Primary 1

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