On the Horizon: Next Contestant to Exit the Kitsune Maison... LOGO.

The ceaselessly superlative Kitsuné Maison label today booted La Vie Moderne, the debut EP from French duo LOGO out la porte, amidst a frenzy of incomprehensible press releases and swirling synth euphoria. Chockablock with remixes, the EP features two hyperdance behemoths prowling t'internet under the guises of La Vie Moderne and the transcendentally majestic Junocide. With the blood, sweat and tears of Justice's Genesis now dried and blanche garments stained, there lies an abyss in French electronic mastery and in dance artistry. Jean Michel Jarre, Daft Punk, Justice, and the chain is broken. Could the chain be melded together by the bass-hefty, clunky, catchy-as-rabies hysteria of La Vie Moderne, or perhaps the hypnotic metronomy of Junocide? Instilling a tranquilised necessity to wiggle various corporeal bits and pieces as if ecstasy-addled scabies are busily burrowing beneath your cellular wrapping paper, LOGO may take time to click, to slip into your cup of tea, your poison. Although once you're hooked, there's no returning to Ed Banger, as you'll be banging on the Kitsuné windows for a glimpse into a foggy disco haven, a house more "fun" than Suggs' wildest nicotine-fueled dreams.

   Logo - La Vie Moderne by The Recommender
   Logo - Junocide by The Recommender

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