Murky, Filthy Mugginess: Pariah, Safehouses.

Much was cogently made of Burial's vocally murky dubstep opus Untrue, as the hooded beat hoodlum shattered imaginations and ignited inspiration amidst an era cemented to Animal Collective obsession, makeshift techno, and In Rainbows. Similarly, given the concurrent evolutionary progression of dubstep into chartable realms, a gleaming saviour this way comes in the form of London-based producer Pariah and his sophomore record Safehouses, released on the perpetually meritorious R&S Records. For Safehouses is a record rooted in dank-alley, under the (specialist independent record store) counter culture, a record branching out into pristine, untrodden genre blends. The Slump is as indebted to garage as it is comparable with Mount Kimbie and Joy Orbison, as shades of UK funky underly ambient vocal samples, whilst Prism blissfully inhabits 90s suburbia, a time and a place in which escapism generally amounted to window gazing and sherbet licking. Railroad rattles along with a more breakbeat backline, as once again ethereal, airy vocal coos permeate capricious synth signal combinations, and Crossed Out tosses and turns in filthy/gorgeous R&B mugginess.

Pariah - Prism by lucius-1

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