On the Horizon: Paps, Upskirts & Macabre Pop, Selebrities.

Initially enticing, primarily enthralling, Brooklyn trio Selebrities thread together gangly guitars reminiscent of those excreted by Robert Smith's Schecter Signature at its most gruesome with an enchantingly synthetic drum machine misery and utterly insatiable addictivity. The marauding dark-hearted disco of online EP Ladies Man Effect (downloadable here) is irrevocably immediate, clinging onto your earlobes for the dearest of life, flailing in languid intricacy. The Moonlight irrefutably 80s, Audition the soundtrack to an Offset utopia, it's the gleaming guitars of Secret Garden that provide the EP's most impressionable dimly lit soundscape.

   Selebrities - 01 Secret Garden by CASCINE

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