On the Horizon: Young Man Maturing Tranquilly.

Young Man is the musical alter-ego of daydreamer Colin Caulfield and Up So Fast, a psych ode to growing up or perhaps not wanting to, is quite sublime. Having endeared Bradford Cox with his Youtube covers of the likes of fellow mellowers Beach House, Grizzly Bear and Cox' own Deerhunter, the track is seemingly inspired, if not indebted to the woozy simplicity of Atlas Sound, transposed onto wiry Tapes'n'Tapes guitar chinks.
  Young Man - Up So Fast by Toast Press
Meanwhile the vid to Up So Fast, with all its Lomographic tones, is a little like Peter Pan set beside Floridian golf course, and features a vuvuzela. Not that you'll want to, but you remember them, right? Basically it pretty much makes you want to reside in adolescence for all eternity.

Young Man touches down in London shortly, playing a couple of London shows at The Social (7th March) and White Heat (8th).

Young Man's Myspace.