Clocks Filled With Good Times: Matt & Kim, Sidewalks.

If you've ever had the visceral pleasure of experiencing New York duo Matt & Kim thrash themselves about on a sticky stage, hurling themselves atop keyboards and drumkits in feverish glisten, Sidewalks, their third long player may go some way to clarifying their frenzied fantasies, ratifying their excellence all the while. From the vaguely hip hop tendencies of recent single Cameras to the electronica smattering of Good For Great (seemingly aptly set for Weezy backing track), the pair devise a quite unique synthesis of (other)worldly Yeasayer schizophrenia and unadulterated exuberance to concoct an intoxicating potion of understated potency, culminating in lo-fi anthemia of Pavement proportions (AM/FM Sound). Where You're Coming From is the most successful conglomeration of Panic! At The Disco amateur dramatics and Temper Trap repetition since ever, simultaneously and four-handedly battering the entire back catalogues of each, whilst the thumping breakbeat of Northeast is a little like the sonic interpretation of settling snow following on from swirling synth blizzadry. The happy hardcore hysteria of Wires is perhaps the most discombobulating four minutes of rewired bubblegum pop stuck to Sidewalks, a record that in the right hands could scamper to chart supremacy. That's evidently the very last thing the pair could ever envisage, the unabating palpitation that is Silver Tiles putting the brat back in the relentless brattle of ten clamourous slabs of genre hybridity and idiosyncrasy. Matt & Kim: filling clocks with ludicrously good times since 2004.