Get In To Duologue.

A little while back our ears were pricked and pierced by the visceral disjointed jolt of a track penned under the name of Cut & Run, constructed by the illusive London troupe Duologue. We fawned, and featured Cut & Run in our greatest tracks of 2010 rundown. Now, thankfully, come a sixth of the way through 2011 they return with Get Out While You Can, a typically unnerving slab of surreal time signature-eschewing disco grunge that's as lucid as it is murky, dank, gloomy and ultimately glorious. Think The Rapture chewing away on falling petals of Lotus Flower and you'll be as animated as we are about their self-titled EP, out May 5th.
  Duologue - Get Out While You Can (free download) by Stayloose

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