On the Horizon: Black & Blue Beats, Rocketnumbernine.

Thus far today, if and when the interworld takes a break from SXSWaxing lyrical, it's been gulping fresh air in the form of those rather magical tracks from that superlative Burial, Thom Yorke and Four Tet collab. Having rocked Minehead to its shaky foundations at the witching hour last Saturday, Kieran Hebden has voiced his admiration for this lot, performing an exclusive wig-out slot with them at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards earlier on in the year. We've done our bit of ranting and raving too ((live re/inter)view), and Black and Blue, the latest track from London noisenik siblings Rocketnumbernine does absolutely bugger all to change our perception. Rolling surges of splurging synths atop frenetic rimshots, stereotypically relentless, Benjamin and Tom Page continue to signal their gloaming intent.
  BLACK AND BLUE by RocketNumberNine

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