Asobi Seksu Alight.

Where Perfectly Crystal, a suitably crystalline shard lifted from latest Asobi Seksu LP Fluorescence was once all sorts of poignance, Californian avant-garde oddballs Xiu Xiu have hacked up the track beyond much recognition as it emerges amidst the sounds of Windows 95 rebooting. Yet as Yuki Chikudate's warped vocals interject, the rework assimilates an air of jubilance, glimmers of the original seeping into a cherry blossom storm of howling industrialisation, organic and inorganic copping off at the epicentre of truly enchanting carnage.
  Asobi Seksu - Perfectly Crystal (Xiu Xiu Remix) by Polyvinyl Records
Asobi Seksu swathe into the UK later this week to join Rival Schools and ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead on a whistle-stop tour, calling at Camden (April 15th), Manchester (16th), Glasgow (17th) and Birmingham (18th), before retracing their steps, playing XOYO on the 19th, concluding the jaunt down in Brighton Audio the following night.

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