On the Horizon: Horizon Set to Sound, Korallreven.

If you too are cooped up inside on a day like today, you too will most probably benefit from streaming this golden, glorious ray of a remix through your headphones. A wondrous swathe of tropiphoric serotonin, Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder (who plays keys in the perpetually astounding The Radio Dept.), aka Korallreven rework fellow Swedes This Is Head's highlight from 0001, 0007, tweaking it and tinging it with all sorts of right-on. In no capacity to pronounce the moniker, but Korallreven translates as coral reefs. Attenborough and the Beeb could really benefit from ditching Hoppípolla and immersing this one in that big Blue Planet of theirs...

Korallreven's Soundcloud.