On the Horizon: Surviving It w/ Ghostpoet.

Consider this our gratuitous post-Easter "innards chock-a-block with cocoa, feel oh-so-bloated, need salt" moment. Chocolate commercialism and strenuous familial traumas revolving predominantly around red wine vetoes over with, it seems suitable to return to an aqueous 2-step Koreless rework of hotter-than-that-hottest-bit-of-the-sun-hot Ghostpoet's Survive It, a veritably glorious remix that starkly accents Obaro Ejimiwe's sultry Manuva-like vox. Set to provide a couple of essential sets at this weekend's Camden Crawl, the superlative Survive It sees the now perpetually boiling light of day May 9th.
  Ghostpoet - Survive It (Koreless Remix) by ghostpoet