On the Horizon: Tom Vek Day.

In the wake of Record Store Day, today was tentatively branded Tom Vek Day by a Twitter chirper or two. The reason behind 18th April 2011 being renamed by a handful of Vek enthusiasts: A Chore just got exposed in its entirety. His first new material in five years, the sophomore effort's been a long old while coming, and A Chore is the first insight into said LP Leisure Seizure, touted for release June 6th. The event feels like a hallowed reformation of sorts, Vek finally reunited with that fire in him he used to bleat about, and the musical result is hypnotic, hefty chunks of bass wrapped around disgruntled background guitars and purposeful keys. The vid too is typically barking, Vek's voice displaced into the gob of a peroxide blonde babe as he/she wails of not having what you don't need. Stream here from now, get what you want/need.