Live: DRUMMING SONGS. Rocketnumbernine, Queen of Hoxton.

As the tropical jaunt of El Guincho's Bombay amuses upstairs and Tropics do their utmost to entertain downstairs, a bizarre atmosphere broods in the wondrous open-brick doldrums of the Queen of Hoxton. Amidst suits and boots, brothers Benjamin and Tom Page prowl anxiously ahead of a show that sees the noisenik duo headline the inaugural DRUMM, a monthly fixture looking to 'excite and inspire through light and sound'. Unfortunately it seems as though EC2 is opting to slump back into retrospection than to forward think, as The Vaccines pack out a bloated Old Blue Last a moment or two's stumble down Curtain Road. Rocketnumbernine are an altogether incomparable proposition to the aforementioned "'60s garage" dross as they break moulds with vehement abrasion redolent of many a Warp release, and having shattered minds with a recent collaboration with Kieran Hebden (with whom the pair are wanting to piece together a record of sorts), tonight two is indubitably the enchanting and entrancing number. Benjamin's synths ebb, flow, clatter and crash like untamed waves of raucous atop his sibling's skittering jazz rhythms, Matthew and Toby a spine-shuddering highlight. Nigh on an hour of impeccable, intricate drone ensues, reflective of just how many leaps and bounds they've taken since the release of You Reflect Me a couple of years back, remixes, reworks and a wealth of innovative electronica to have your mind rethinking many a thing perfectly united under kaleidoscopic spotlight. Redefining drum'n'bass with a jazz drumkit and bass-heavy Nord lines, whilst the likes of The Vaccines continue to be hyped to the high heavens, Rocketnumbernine keep on keeping on, ascending skywards on the trajectory they've charted entirely of their own accord. Hop aboard.