Nicky/Mickey. Grinderman.

Having had the "No Pussy Blues" and seemingly shaken them loose, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' Grinderman return with Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man. Typically trashy, the single set for a June 13th release features Cave vociferously shrieking: "I was Mickey Mouse! He was the big bad wolf!" over muscle-ravaging, bare-boned drum'n'distortion.
  Grinderman - Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man by Mute UK
Josh Homme then went and seemingly hacked off the head of Mickey with a rusty bike chain for a sparse, patently disconcerting rework entitled Mickey Bloody Mouse that later contorts into what sounds like the innards of Angus Andrew's cerebrum ticking down imminent seconds to explosion.
  Grinderman -Mickey Bloody Mouse (Joshua Homme Remix) by Mute UK
Grinderman play this week's Primavera Sound over in Barcelona along with nigh on every musical mastermind of our generation, before setting sail for these shores come July for the equally excellent inaugural London leg of ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror, to be curated and headlined by Portishead.