Roundhouse set to Short Circuit

So the festival circuit's gone and reenergised itself, last weekend's Camden Crawl ushering in another estival season of overpriced ethanol and copious hype. Not so much a festival in itself although again set in the NW postcode, Short Circuit is now looming large, and ought to be devoid of hype for the simple reason that nigh on everyone featured in the line up has already proven themselves to be electro stalwarts of one guise or another, meritorious of every ounce of attention. Dubbed 'A Festival of Electronica', it's more a comprehensive encyclopaedia of the genre, the Roundhouse set to be shaken and shuddered to its ancient foundations. The perpetually pioneering Mute Records take the reins for the weekend, Friday featuring Richie Hawtin and a DJ set from the ageless Moby. However a slew of entirely essential attractions inundate the Saturday rundown, headliners Erasure taking to the glorious Central Space with special guests in tow. Elsewhere, prime Freakazoids! The Residents return to British shores to carry on where they left off, weirding everyone out at Matt Groening's ATP of yesteryear, whilst the irrefutably ace Liars promise to ruffle a few feathers with the gruelling doom of Sisterworld and (everything crossed) a new cut or two. The legendary Alison Moyet features as a particularly special guest, the increasingly revered Josh T. Pearson Plays Mute Songs and latest signings Big Deal and Beth Jeans Houghton flesh out the bill with bloody great buzz.

The full line up includes:

Friday 13th May

Richie Hawtin (Minus, Berlin) with visuals by Ali Demirel * Moby (DJ Set) * Recoil * Nitzer Ebb * Richard H. Kirk * Carter Tutti with Nik Void (Collaboration) * Non * The Balanescu Quartet * Pole * T. Raumschmiere * Thomas Fehlmann * Thomas Brinkmann * Komputer * Daniel Miller (DJ Set)

Saturday 14th May

Erasure and special guests * Martin L. Gore (DJ Set) * Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (DJ Set) * The Residents * Laibach * Liars * Josh T. Pearson Plays Mute Songs * Alison Moyet (special guest) * Maps + Polly Scattergood (collaboration) * S.C.U.M * Big Deal * Beth Jeans Houghton * Poppy & The Jezebels * Simon Fisher Turner + Mira Calix (collaboration) * James Brooks * Peter Gregson * Danny Briottet (Renegade Soundwave) - DJ Set * Irmin Schmidt And Kumo Play The Sound Of Can – Can Archives Special (Dj Set)

More info on the forthcoming Short Circuit and for tickets, here's your best bet.