Magical Music Roundabout: Minotaur Shock Phantom Mountain. Ghost Eyes.

The wrangling, off-kilter slump of Ghost Eyes' Phantom Mountain demands fascination and craves reinterpretation. For the London trio emit a peculiar charm that disconcerts and draws vacillating ears into a maelstrom of deformed oriental samples and gurgling bottom-end synth hooks. The original version, accompanied by exorbitantly forbidding video, is such a bizarre concoction of sounds and styles it could haunt even the most pristine of dreams.
Rather elusive Bristol-based electronica pioneer Minotaur Shock, aka David Edwards then got his hands on the track, contorting it further in the direction of the unsettling but ultimately entrancing realms of mesmerisation. Harmonious interludes permeate the sounds of bits and bobs being bashed out of human recognition, before its six-plus minutes are curtailed by an undulating wash of polychromatic jubilation.