Ku Klux Glam, Ariel Pink ☯ R. Stevie Moore.

It may have already been a little old while since Ariel Pink went and spray canned Before Today all over myriad cerebrums but he's now back, and by his side stands his compulsively creative, inadvertent 'mentor'; lo-fi New Waver R. Stevie Moore. Together they go by the typically subversive, if immediately apt moniker of Ku Klux Glam and already prepped is a numbered tape limited to a run of 100 that serves as a '20 track sampler' of what we may only presume to be an already expansive 'catalogue' (pre-order here via Stroll On Records). Spewed from said spools is No Zipper, a track that serves as a quintessentially scatty abridged history of glam that hotfoots on high heels from the breathy sulk of Bryan Ferry, to the batshit surreality of XTC, to the invigorating distortion clunk excreted from Marc Bolan's heavily petted guitars. Pink's periodic squeals send thoughts bolting back toward that UK tour of yesteryear during which he seemed at least mildly contented, as he jejunely questions "Stevie" as to who's been "taping my boots". The irrevocable high point of three extravagantly transporting minutes comes around the 1:30 mark when speak-sing vocals redolent of those blurted by Ferry during Virginia Plain clash with junkyard guitar clutter and Devo-ish schizoid time signature. Crazily perfect.

Ku Klux Glam's Bandcamp.