On the Horizon: Jangling Down them Cloisters, Vivid Monk.

None too vibrant nor vivid are most monasteries and indeed the same can be said – mildly apprehensively – of Bath. Its overwhelming pleasantry overshadowed by the grot and grog of neighbouring Bristol (a West Country settlement which in itself is experiencing something of a guitar-laden contemporary renaissance fronted by none other than Towns), it's as unlikely a city to birth a rawk 'band' branding gentle raucousness as any cloisters. However the world revolves in mysterious ways and that's more or less exactly what's happened, with Oliver Daltrey's Vivid Monk attesting to there being bone-jiggling jangle in the old haunt yet. Wolf At The Window sounds like the thoughts inspired by The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys conjured in the mind of any inconspicuous yoof to have kicked heels through shoddy school disco, desperately and ultimately vainly awaiting There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.

Vivid Monk's Soundcloud.