On the Horizon: Kerching, I Ching.

As one may full well expect from the debut release on Mr. Thane's newfangled Best Fit Recordings, It's Me is an off-kilter pop predator, and comes from kraP yrubsniF duo I Ching. Its pitch bending and general genre shifting suffused with glittering synth arpeggios and a gentle sense of harmonic dissonance, over three minutes I Ching sound like Liars doing some quirked up disco noodle thang as Can nod on approvingly. The 7" is expected April 23rd, and can be pre-ordered here as of now whilst they play the label's launch night (March 14th) at Paper Dress Vintage alongside the seemingly excellent, if still enigmatic Pins and wistful shoegazers Being There.

I Ching's Bandcamp.