Ready to Recline? We'll Give You Laid Back.

Like a prototypal Hot Chip with all their lyrics of laying back and steel pan solos, Danish electro pioneers Laid Back are to return with Cosyland, a so-called 'mini album' that's anticipated May 7th via John Guldberg and Tim Stahl's very own Brother Music. Lead track Get Laid Back, as with all five tracks on the release, is what the pair refer to as one of many '8-track "just for fun" jam tapes' from way back when (à la 1981) and has only been lightly sprinkled with slightly more pronounced vox, bass and drumbeats since. Were Albarn to tinker with Adrian Utley's analog synthetics amidst the humid exotics of some sunset-smeared Utopia, the result could only sound equally appeasing. Best enjoyed alongside some lurid tropical cocktail, through unnecessarily prodigious speaker stack.

Laid Back's Soundcloud.