Ever More Affable, Friends.

Brooklyn spandex sporters Friends befriended B-listers and the B List alike with I'm His Girl in particular and Mind Control, another glimpse into debut full-length Manifest! (anticipated June 4th via Lucky Number), seems as though it'll only fortify such bond. Samantha Urbani's yappy vox recall the lackadaisical tones of Tahita Bulmer although slathered atop an irrepressibly percussive funk that immediately recalls fabled fellow New Yorkers Liquid Liquid the track, mixed by Paul Epworth (who coincidentally remixed NYPC's The Bomb way back when), is accredited with a typically sassy seductiveness. Promoting Proto-Funk inclinations and self-sufficiency alike ("I don't need your money, I can grow my own food" Urbani chants in a breakdown evocative of Prince's Controversy), it's yet another confident stride in a quite superb direction.