On the Horizon: Catching, Tropic of Cancer.

Albeit not quite approaching the sparse horrors of Demdike Stare with whom she soon tours, Camella Lobo's latest under the guise of Tropic of Cancer, The One Left, is an irrefutably minimal work that teeters on intense genius. Penetrative twangs of guitar feature although less than a handful of notes are ever struck; Lobo's exhalations are more evocative of spectral drone than human vocal; its flat, exhausting and ultimately deflating snares sound like a vitriolic afternoon down the local butchers. The One Left is to feature as the A-side to forthcoming 12" Permissions of Love (out May 28th via Mannequin Mailorder) and we'd hazard to suggest it may well prove to serve its highlight.

Tropic of Cancer's Soundcloud.