On the Horizon: Civic Pleasures, Civil Love.

The chances of four individuals from the four figurative corners of the world winding up in lowly Peckham are relatively slim and the sound that this four-piece entrenched in all things aestival, Civil Love, peddle is equally slight. Digitally released a couple weeks back, their eponymous EP is a breezy do and one particular lyric succinctly encapsulates their essence far more effectively than any number of excessive rhetorics ever could. "Let's go get some fresh air under the sun" Urko Eizmendi trills on standout closer Under The Sun, before diving headfirst into a glistening chorus of "It's warm in the city and the summer is comin' on/ Such a wonderful city in front of our eyes." Needless to say Peckham may not be the most picturesque of places although it's the sort of blithe songsmithery that renders the proposition of London in the sun as attractive as any far-flung exotica; that sets the momentarily dismal Metcheck previsions sinking profoundly in a smooth unconcern.

Civil Love's Soundcloud.