On the Horizon: Woebegone Vibes, Bogan Via.

Hailing from the dusty surrounds of Phoenix, Arizona and comprising Madeleine Miller and Bret 'must-be-relieved-to-not-inhabit-provincial-town-with-a-surname-like' Bender are boy/girl duo Bogan Via. Pertaining to all the traditional hallmarks of such band/gender composition, the pairing trade in a quietly monumental lo-fi over which luscious dual harmonies may be drooled. Afternoon Wonderland borders on baroque, a kind of autumnal waltz to smack on whilst auburn leaves swivel soilwards although it's the muggy, deadbeat disco of Copy and Paste that etches Bogan Via into memory and indeed onto this very page. Miller's apathetic vocal delivery assuredly struts atop an infectious bass trim, '80s synths, synthetic flutes and unruly arpeggiation, and streams below.

Bogan Via's Bandcamp.