Fest Bests: Field Day 2012.

Although Sacramento's finest punk rap outfit may no longer be penned garishly into this year's Field Day billing (all Death Grips dates are off as they conclude their second Epic LP of 2012), it regardless remains one of the forthcoming estival season's finest. Having proffered our subjective highlights on this month's I'll Be Your Mirror, here be our Fest Bests for Field Day, June 2nd...

Blanck Mass
Who: Benjamin John Power, the one of two Fuck Buttons seamsters now threading the glitchy, swelling glories of Tarot Sport into this swell solo project by the moniker of Blanck Mass.
Why: Experience and you'll depart expressing sensations of purity, your body cleansed by expansive lucid onslaught.
When: 3.30pm, Red Bull Music Academy.

Who: Exchange West Country seamster for East Coast scenesters and we're right onto lycra-clad Brooklynites Friends, who'll surely provide enough elastane bass line and sultry R'n'B standoffishness to fill a warehouse-worth of cut-price American Apparel jeggings.
Why: I'm His Girl.
When: 1.05pm, Shacklewell Arms.

Who: Ubiquitous yet for once meritoriously so, Claire Boucher thwumped a whole load of quirk into that little thing called 'pop' with breakthrough smack Visions. The antithesis of many a clich√©d covergirl, her balmy locks are coincidentally embellishing whichever magazine sits atop your coffee table concurrently. Probably.
Why: You sense that Boucher will expand the live thing sooner rather than later thus opportunities to catch her one-woman show may become fewer and further between. Also, tickets to witness the fitness required tend to be snapped up sooner than they're shoved up online thus this year it may be a case of seeing her in the great outdoors or not at all.
When: 6.15pm, Village Mentality (in association with The Quietus).

Julia Holter
Who: LA songstress who's been causing quite the stir with her quite sublime and indeed irrevocably stirring ghostly graveyard paeans.
Why: Her doleful, sepulchral tones and the drones of spectral piano that perfume Ekstasis with a fusty and funereal odour may be better suited to deserted catacomb or collapsing cathedral than they may to the jostle beneath canvas tarpaulin although amidst the bleeps and blurts emanating from the festival's four corners (Com Truise, Fennesz, Julio Bashmore and more beat-mongerers besides play) Julia Holter may proffer the afternoon's most affecting outpour.
When: 12.30pm, BleeD Music/LANZAROTE.

Who: Chameleonic, crazily noisy Antipodean art punks who next month return with sixth studio full-length WIXIW.
Why: It's been a long, hard wait since the release of Sisterworld and at any rate it'd be a fuck to follow – it was utterly consummate. However the penetrative Kraut-y stylings of No. 1 Against The Rush indicate the work has been completed in accordance with an uncompromising ease. It may be the WIXIW highlight both immediate and enduring although by God it'll surely resound celestially in Victoria Park surrounds come the 2nd...
When: 3.40pm, Eat Your Own Ears.

Mazzy Star
Who: Seminal U.S. dream pop progenitors comprising Hope Sandoval and David Roback.
Why: Subdued sing-alongs aplenty (Fade Into You, Into Dust, etc.), theirs may prove one of the sets of the summer; let alone this brief sojourn way out east...
When: 9.50pm, Village Mentality (in association with The Quietus).

Peaking Lights
Who: Husband & wife/ father & mother/ synth stylist & singer: whoever they may be to you, 936 surely made a positive impact on your yesteryear...
Why: The pair's son Mikko would surely be the best special guest were he to toddle on for LO HI although Indra and Aaron's dub-pop ought to shine radiately irregardless; come heck or high rainfall.
When: 2.45pm, BleeD Music/LANZAROTE.

Who: Walthamstow bros Ben and Tom who've collaborated extensively with Kieran Hebden and toured fleetingly with Thom Yorke & co. Arguably inspired to more pertinent effect by Sun Ra than the aforesaid.
Why: Thus infectious jazz propensities are to be joyously fused with the relentless throb of electronica to emit an explosive kind of aural ecstasy few others on the bill may fabricate.
When: 12.50pm, Village Mentality (in association with The Quietus).

For further info and the full rundown best trundle over to the official Field Day site, whilst tickets may be acquired here.