On the Horizon: The Artist Formerly Known As... DIIV.

The artist formerly known as Dive may now be recognised by the moniker DIIV and if front(man/boy) and touring Beach Fossils guitarist Zachary Cole Smith may perceive the project to have "outgrown the name and its associations" then it's undoubtedly growing into an endeavour formidable enough to outmuscle anything; to wrestle any wandering attention into submission. Consider Doused a preliminary glare into Oshin, a sure-to-be-glistening record that even from this fleeting glimpse seems as though it'll be not a solitary gasp short of utterly breathtaking: an impulsive, petrifyingly urgent piece of whirlwind post-pop that gathers in pace and increases in intensity over just shy of four brain-frazzlingly brilliant minutes that fizzle with the effervescence of foreboding greatness, come see Cole Smith soar.

Oshin is expected June 25th on Captured Tracks.